Black White & Red Sgraffito Dinner Plate

  • $65.00

Dimensions: 10.75" diameter 

Materials/Process: Wheel-thrown porcelain, black and red glaze

Sgraffito is a pottery technique that goes back centuries. Literally translated as "scratched away," sgraffito is a process in which a surface layer of colored clay slip is carved away to reveal the contrasting clay underneath. The results are distinct and eye-catching.

The satin black slip on our new handmade porcelain plate is carved away by hand in a mandala pattern to reveal the cool, gray porcelain beneath. The center is then glazed with our striking rose red glaze for an overall stunning effect. A perfect addition for modern interiors and contemporary kitchens. A dramatic statement in handmade place settings.

Food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe