Tall Mug ~ Wood Booger

  • $35.00

Dimensions: 3.25" diameter x 5.75" height (16 ounces)

                        (Approximate measurements, since each piece will be slightly different)

Materials/Process: Wheel-thrown stoneware, white satin glaze

"Wood Booger" is an Appalachian term referring to the legendary creature most of us know as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Are Wood Boogers truly roaming our mountain forests, or is it a creature of myth? We'll let you decide as you linger over your morning coffee in this generously proportioned mug. It's tall and slender to help retain heat, with an ample handle that you can really fit your hand into. The satin-finish white glaze shows flecks of iron that fuse into the glaze from the dark stoneware clay underneath.

-Safe for dishwasher cleaning and microwaving.

-Also great for your after hours beer!