Modern Berry Bowl in Satin White

  • $42.00

Sometimes you need something just the right size and shape to rinse and hold those delicate berries you just brought in. Whether it's a few raspberries to brighten your morning meal or a handful of blueberries you need to rinse and leave on the counter to snack on through the day, our small berry bowls do the job beautifully. Each berry bowl comes with it's own catch plate to capture the stray bits of water left over from rinsing.

The holes are both decorative and functional, working wonderfully as a sieve for rinsing but also allowing the rinsed berries to breathe so that they last longer.

Dimensions: 6.5" diameter x 2.75" combined height

Materials/Process: Wheel-thrown stoneware clay, original stoneware glaze

Color: Our Satin White is a luxiously tactile satin surface that picks up the color of the clay that it is applied on. On our slightly reddish buff stoneware, the glaze moves toward warmer tone and picks up the tiny flecks of iron, giving the glaze a pleasant farmhouse quality.

Care: Safe for dishwashers