Tiny Berry Bowl in Yellow & Blue Ash

  • $36.00

Do you pick your own berries or find them at the farmer's market? In either case, you will find yourself reaching for this smaller version of our original berry bowl again and again! 

Each berry bowl comes with it's own catch plate to capture the stray bits of water left over from rinsing.The holes in the berry bowl are both decorative and functional, working wonderfully as a sieve for rinsing but also allowing the rinsed berries to breathe so that they last longer.

Dimensions: 6" diameter x 2.25" height

Materials/Process: Wheel-thrown stoneware clay, original stoneware glaze

Color: Our Yellow and Blue Ash combination has a satin surface and a pleasant warmth that will enhance just about any kitchen. The combination consists of two glazes... a yellow-brown that uses wood ash as a primary ingredient and a subdued, earthy blue-green that mimics the texture of the Yellow Ash glaze without the wood ash. The two glazes melt and mingle in the heat of the kiln and become one fused whole. 

Care: Safe for dishwashers.