Berry Bowl ~ Ochre

  • $48.00

It's a warm early summer morning, and you've just returned from the farmers market. Those brillantly red strawberries are just waiting to be sampled. Grab this perfectly sized berry bowl from the back of your counter and rinse those berries clean before you take that first succulent bite. 

Each berry bowl comes with it's own catch plate to capture the stray bits of water left over from rinsing.The holes are both decorative and functional, working wonderfully as a sieve for rinsing but also allowing the rinsed berries to breathe so that they last longer.

Dimensions: 9" diameter x 3" height

Materials/Process: Wheel-thrown stoneware clay, original stoneware glaze

Color: Our Ochre glaze is applied in two layers. The first layer provided a nice warm earth tone satin finish that leans towards gloss. The second layer, applied in just certain parts of the piece, brings out cooler teals, blues, and sometimes soft purples with a distinctly glossier surface that is easy to clean and pleasing to the eye.

Care: Safe for dishwashers.