Holiday Seconds Sale

Holiday Seconds Sale

Saturday, December 5, 2020

9am-5pm at the Hamilton Williams Studio

403 E Union St, Downtown Morganton, North Carolina

Find great bargains among this year's collection of cosmetic seconds and discontinued designs from local clay artists: Hamilton Williams, Courtney Long, and Michelle Mackenzie!

With the emergence of Covid in our communities this year we debated about whether to hold our popular seconds sale and, if so, how to conduct the sale as safely and securely as possible. The numerous customer queries and requests we've received over the last couple of months about the sale have encouraged us to go ahead with the event, and we have worked out the best way to keep our customers healthy and safe while they are on-site. 

Below you will find the specifics on the steps we are taking to ensure a safe event. For those who simply don't want to risk being around other folks at this time, we would be happy to offer reservations for private showings of the seconds sale beginning on Sunday, December 6th. Our goal is to give everyone access to our popular seconds while looking out for the welfare of our beloved customers.

1) All employees and volunteers at the seconds sale will be masked throughout the day.
2) All visitors and customers at the seconds sale must wear a masks at all times while they are in the building.
3) As usual, the seconds sale will take place in the pottery studio. Regardless of weather, all doors, windows, and the large garage door will remain open through the day to allow for the greatest amount of natural ventilation. We will leave the heating system on to encourage warmth and increased air flow but all customers should dress with warmth in mind. For all intents and purposes, this will be an open-air market.
4) The sale will have at least three separate check-out stations in the gallery and studio so that customers can check-out quickly and remain spread out as they make their purchases. All but one of the stations will be debit/credit card only, so please bring your plastic!
5) We will suspend our complimentary gift-wrapping service for the day of the sale, but customers are welcome to leave their gallery purchases with us and arrange to pick-up gift-wrapped purchases at a later time.
6) We will have hand sanitizer available in multiple locations.