The Fabric of Clay

October 10 - November 14, 2014


Working as a studio artist and teaching adult clay classes at Clayworks Studio in Charlotte, Amy Sanders creates distinctive pottery vessels that are deeply influenced by her background in fabrics and sewing. Growing up in southern Ohio, Sanders spent her early years watching her mother and grandmothers sew. Upon moving to Charlotte in 1999, she did not have a clay studio in which to create so Sanders began to sew herself. Her experiences with sewing began to breathe life into her clay work. Patterns, textures and seams from fabrics and textiles appeared in her stamped clay vessels.


“Patterns in textiles, architecture, nature and quilting inspire me to create works that invite touch and evoke a sense of nostalgic comfort,” says Sanders, “Early in the construction process, clay is soft and pliable. I enjoy building pieces that reflect these properties even after the clay has become hard from firing.”


Sanders recently completed a large-scale public art piece for the city of Charlotte and was an 18-month Affiliate Artist at the McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC in 2006. Her work is exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and has been featured in publications and American Craft council shows.


A sample of work from the show...










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