Southern Women Potters

August 29 - October 3    


Inspiration for Southern Women Potters came from the Craft Revival movement that occurred around the turn of the twentieth century. At that time in the face of expanding industrialization, the people of the southern Appalachians had few opportunities for economic improvement. Even fewer opportunities were available to women who were often tied into traditional roles of caring for family and household. With its emphasis on the preservation of traditional handicraft and the sale of craft items to improve the economic status of women and families, the Craft Revival also provided momentum for the cause of social justice across the region.


Just as the Craft Revival helped to preserve and foster culture and tradition, the seven artists of Southern Women Potters not only preserve the tradition of pottery but also expand it. Each artist brings her own unique vision as well as a distinct array of techniques.



Susan Barrett
Amelia Stamps
Sarah Wells Rolland
Jennifer Mecca
Sue Grier
Adrienne Dellinger
Robin Beckett


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