20 Years in Clay: Hamilton Williams

In 1994, Hamilton Williams embarked upon a thrilling new journey into clay work. Now in his twentieth year, he celebrates with a new body of work as well as some visitors from the past. Please join us to celebrate this career milestone and to see surprising new work from an accomplished artisan.


For the past several years, I have flirted with the idea using negative space as a design element in some of my pots. I started out by simply piercing thrown vessels with round holes using hole-cutters, pieces of brass pipe cut at a bevel. While I enjoyed some of the surfaces and designs I could achieve in this way, I soon began to look for ways to get away from the restriction of round holes. The body of work in this exhibition illustrates the evolution of developing new techniques and exploring the possibilities that derive from them.  -Hamilton Williams


A sample of work from the show....







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