Pause and Observe


Pause and Observe:
Stoneware Pottery by Jon Arsenault


Images of pottery by Jon Arsenault of Asheville, NC


Through the manipulation of clay on and off the wheel I try to create forms that have a sense of stability and visual mass. With the use of varied textures and multiple glazes to achieve depth and contrast in the surface, I strive for fluidity of line and form. Choosing to work primarily in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain to produce a very strong clay and glaze interface.


Using porcelain slip as a white background and texturing tools along with glazes containing high amounts of calcium I create surfaces with movement that accentuate or contrast with form accordingly. Utilizing familiar forms that facilitate socialization I want my work to convey a sense of familiar relationships and dialogues between peoples and objects. Bouyant forms that welcome use, but require the user to pause and observe.


-Jon Arsenault



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