The Lily, The Lotus, & The Hummingbird




As a studio potter, Julie WigginsImage of Julie Wiggins at work in her Charlotte, North Carolina, pottery studio. makes objects of enjoyment that strike a balance between uniquely functional forms and narrative design. Whether hand built or thrown on a treadle wheel, her porcelain pieces are both playful and aesthetically complete. Lily, lotus, tulip, or dogwood patterns accent most work, occasionally paired with birds or fish.


Originally from Jacksonville, North Carolina and now living in Charlotte, Julie has fond memories from growing up, surrounded by warm blue skies, expansive beaches, and bright green farmland. Though her work as a ceramicist has taken her to Europe, Mexico, Morocco, and beyond, she still holds a place in her heart for the easy-going Southern lifestyle. Today, as an active member of the clay community, she continues to support herself as a studio potter and educator.

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