Between the Lines



Jewelry by Julie Cioffoletti · Photography by Sarah Cioffoletti


​ Image of handmade rings by Julie Cioffoletti 

October 5 - November 4, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct 5, 5-7:30pm


Since moving to Morganton in 2004, Julie Cioffoletti has garnered a strong following for her diverse array of jewelry designs. With pieces as simple as a tiny copper heart on a fine chain to abstract designs in silver and gold, Julie couples a high degree of craftsmanship with a sophisticated sense of design.

Julie began her career in jewelry when she dropped out of college and moved to New Milford, CT from Austin, TX to begin a year-long jewelry apprenticeship with jeweler, Martha Swenny, based on the strength of one phone call and a couple of letters. There she learned all of the essential elements of jewelry-making and design. At the end of her year, she began working for a nearby jewelry store, Jewelry Designs in Danbury, where she honed her skills and learned to work closely with customers to help create custom pieces. 

After time away from jewelry to raise a family and a move to North Carolina, Julie slowly resumed jewelry-making and began to create her own designs. With her background executing diverse custom pieces at Jewelry Designs, Julie's ideas of what to make creatively became very wide. She is influenced by the area: "I was inspired by the mountains and nature, the things that I saw on walks. I'm a constant daydreamer. I'm always living in my head and daydream a lot so even on a walk I can look at a stick or shadow, and I'll see the potentiality."

As she continues to develop her work, Julie would like to grow beyond her current styles, to not be afraid to do something that's different. It's "kind of a hard thing to do when people know you for a certain thing. That's kind of what this show is for me... still being myself but taking a risk on more simplified, but in some terms more complicated, ideas," says the artist. "I can't tell you how much simple ideas create much more complication. There's more risk... more potential for the design to not come through. Because you only have three or four elements you're using... it's more potential for disaster."





​My photographic medium is in large format black and white film. It is a process rooted in patience and intimacy with the subject matter, and which still relies on analogue (darkroom) technique. The inspiration for the content of my photographs draws on thought, idea and concept more than it does on pre-conceived form or prompt. Bodies of work surface organically as the conceptual threads between photographs arise out of the intellectual influences I experience during that period of time. 

I have a deep fascination with passing time as facilitated by nature and human activities. Constantly curious as to how we fit in an ever-changing existence I often photograph with the ideas of presence and absence in mind and of observable transitions that suggest these things: empty spaces, abandoned places, shadows, bright light and dark dark, a subject broken, dead, or perhaps, even, somewhere in-between.

Though I default to the vastness and mystery of the rural South, there is meaningful discovery in all space no matter how familiar, banal or superficial. In keeping, for this exhibition, I have challenged my process by restricting photographing to domestic spaces in which I am a part. I may call them mine in passing, but they are not. They are mirrors of the moments of the current transition, and they reflect what otherwise may not be realized.

Boone, North Carolina is my current home but it won’t be for long. I am not sure where I’ll go next.       ~Sarah Cioffoletti


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