Giving Platters - FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Hamilton Williams Gallery would like the Giving Platters effort to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, we have carefully thought through the most fair and responsible way to raise and distribute funds for Downtown Morganton hospitality and service workers. Details are presented below.

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How will the funds be distributed?

The Burke County Chamber of Commerce has created a virtual tip jar where service and hospitality workers from all over Burke County have included their names and contact/contribution information so that people who would like to help them may contribute directly to the individuals they select. A link to the virtual tip jar is here, if people would  like to make a contribution directly.

How will hospitality and service workers be selected for donation?

Hamilton Williams Gallery will distribute any funds raised evenly between any service and hospitality workers on the virtual tip jar list who have self-identified as working for, or laid off from, an established Downtown Morganton business.

How will I get my platter(s)?

As platters are completed, individuals can receive their platter(s) in a variety of ways:

(1) You can select the 'pick-up from store' option when you check out to arrange curbside pick-up when the platters are ready.

(2) You can have your platter shipped to you (shipping charges apply).

(3) If you live within the city limits of Morganton, NC, we are happy to hand-deliver your platter(s) to you when they are ready. Simply select 'pick-up from store' when you check out and include 'please deliver' in the comments section. We will let you know ahead of time that your platter(s) is going out for delivery.

How long will it take to get my platter(s)?

A small selection of platters are available now. The current color options available are presented below. All additional platters will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, but I will make every effort to expedite the process and get the platters out earlier. 

When will funds be distributed to hospitality and service workers of Downtown Morganton?

We will distribute the funding from Giving Platter sales and contributions on a weekly basis. It would be easier to delay until we have larger amounts to distribute, but it is important to get any available funding into the hands of our hospitality and service workers as soon as possible.

Are the glaze colors show the only ones you have available?

For now, yes. These are tried and true colors that have yielded the best results. We will also soon offer a Giving Platter in our satin white glaze, but we do not currently have one to photograph.

Is my Giving Platter purchase, or any portion of it, tax deductible?

No. Hamilton Williams Gallery is  a for-profit business donating a portion of our sales to affected Downtown Morganton workers in response to the lose of jobs and work hours due to Covid-19. Neither Hamilton Williams Gallery, nor the hospitality and service workers of Downtown Morganton, have 501 (c) (3) exemption status, therefore your purchase is not tax deductible.

Are any additional fees removed from the portion of sales going to the hospitality and service workers of Downtown Morganton?

No. No service fees, or any other expense, will be deducted from the 25% portion of Giving Platter sales going to hospitality and service workers of Downtown Morganton. Hamilton Williams Gallery will pay for all of the incurred credit/debit card processing fees and for any costs associated with delivery of Giving Platters within the city limits of Morganton.

Why is this effort limited to only to service and hospitality workers in Downtown Morganton?

As much as Hamilton Williams Gallery would like to support a broader community, we feel that we can provide a more meaningful impact to a smaller group of people. The folks who have helped enhance the quality of life and vibrancy of Downtown Morganton over these last years have been some of the hardest hit, and as a member of the Downtown Morganton community, Hamilton Williams Gallery has opting support the people we see around Downtown on a daily basis. We encourage people and businesses who can do so to start similar efforts in the communities that are important to them. In these difficult and uncertain times, we should all reach out to those around us and support each other in the best ways we can offer.

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