Glass Show Week

by Hamilton Williams Published Saturday, June 14, 2014

This week at the gallery, we've all been furiously getting ready for the opening receptions for the Western North Carolina Studio Glass Exhibition. The show takes place at four different venues in downtown Morganton, and this is our first year participating. Unlike some of our previous openings, we have a little more experience under our belts and have worked our way through preparations at a calmer pace.

One new aspect to this opening is the photography. With the new website, the plan is to photograph and post all of the work from exhibitions on the site so that people from everywhere can see our shows and, hopefully, purchase work. The glass show is the first opportunity we've had to use our back office photography area to good effect and document each and every piece that is included in the show. Of course, the show would have to be glass (which is famously difficult to photograph), but we managed to get a good series of photos. Then comes the photo editing, taking measurements of each piece, uploading images, and writing text on the website. It gets to be a bit much, especially the first time doing it. Fortunately, there are some talented people here in the gallery! Thanks to help of Nina Cline editing photos, we managed to get everything ready. You can check out the new exhibit here.

Now all we have to do is set out the food and wine and talk to our gallery guests. It should be a great day! There is lots of excitement in downtown about the show each year, and this time is no exception. We've been getting calls all week about the exhibit and accomodations in Morganton. And in addition to the glass show, our local micro-brewery, Fonta Flora, is hosting "State of Origin" Craft Brew Festival on the Courthouse Square in downtown Morganton. Craft brew and handmade glass... what could go wrong?

Glass Show Week
Egg Little Bug by David & Veronica Bennett