Jennifer Mecca

Artist Statement


I am a utilitarian potter.  I create pots that are visually pleasing and unique in character, but also useful in everyday life. I was born in upstate New York and moved to the Piedmont of South Carolina in my late teens. I earned a BFA in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1989, and returned to school at East Carolina University in 1995 to complete a BFA and MFA in Ceramics in 1999. I have taught college level and elementary level art and ceramics for the last 10 years.  I am currently a full-time studio potter and teach part-time at a private school.


I enjoy making serving pieces and tableware that bring delight to the daily activity of eating, setting a table and enjoying a meal.  While growing up, I spent many weekends observing and participating in the traditions and rituals of my paternal Italian-American extended family.  Among the most prevalent of these traditions were the preparation and presentation of elaborate meals.  As a child, I observed how the tableware was as important as the planning, preparation and enjoyment.  This served as the foundation for my interest in utilitarian pottery and love of creating elaborate surfaces and forms.

The pots I create reflect the enjoyment I have for throwing, embellishing, creating and using. I enjoy creating each piece with its own unique character and personality, whether I change a spout, foot, rim, glaze color or decorative element.  All of my pieces are wheel thrown and altered in some way. Because of the rich color I get from the glazes I use, I enjoy working with porcelain.  I embellish my pots with handmade stamps, colored clay sprigs and have recently started incising drawings with black slip into my pieces.  The forms I make are usually organic in nature, which stems from my love of the material I use, and my personal preference for a fluid line.  My inspirations for surfaces come from patterns in fabric, paintings, nature and historic dishware pottery.

I currently work from my home studio in Gastonia, North Carolina where I live with my husband Joey, our son Quaid and twin daughters Aydan and McKenna.

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