13" Ambrosia Maple Bowl
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13" Ambrosia Maple Bowl 13" Ambrosia Maple Bowl 13" Ambrosia Maple Bowl

13" Ambrosia Maple Bowl

by Hamilton Williams

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Dimensions: 13.25" diameter x 4.5" height

Materials/Process: Hand-turned Ambrosia Maple, tung oil finish

Steve turns his bowls in a two-step process. First he turns and rough-shapes the bowl while the wood is still green, then stores the bowl in a sheltered place for several months until the wood is completely dry. He then returns the bowl to his lathe for final shaping.

Ambrosia Maple comes from regular soft maple and Hard Maple trees that have been infested by the ambrosia beetle. The small beetle bores a network of tunnels and short galleries called cradles. A fungus is responsible for the blue, gray and brown streaks and decorative patch work that accompany each tunnel and adjacent wood. The streaks and patch work add a unique look to this hardwood without affecting its structural integrity.

Hand-rubbed with tung oil.

Safe for food. Clean with a slightly damp cloth and dry immediately. Re-treat with tung oil or butcher block oil periodically.