Ben Elliott

Ben sees his work as fragments of a story that unfold through time. Each piece is part of a personal narrative that may come from a memory, the present or future projections. His intent is to evoke a thought or memory using familiar imagery as a common thread. This act could shape a certain feeling, but the rest of the story can only be assumed.


Currently, Ben lives in rural Western North Carolina where things haven’t changed much in the last century. People have adapted to an extent, but there is an element of timelessness that isn’t found in urban areas. The pace of life seems to revolve more around the progression of the day and seasons of the year. Ben’s recent work is informed by old sayings about time. These old sayings or phrases are transformed into his own visual interpretation. During this process an element of personal narrative is exposed. Whether it’s internal or external, seasonal or day to day, the concept of time is a force that all humans share in common. Through this work he hopes to communicate to others the importance of every passing moment.




Image of hand-blown glass tumblers by glass artist, Ben Elliott of Burnsville in Western North CarolinaImage of glass sculpture by Ben Elliott of Burnsville, North Carolina


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