O My Soap

Handmade in Newton, North Carolina since 2001 


"Our handcrafted cold-pressed soap is made in small batches with ingredients that will make your skin smile. Natural oils, exotic nut butters, essential oils, botanicals and high quality fragrance blend together in over 40 combinations to lather lusciously while moisturizing your one-of-a-kind skin."


Dorathy Sampson ~ O' My Soap



A wonderful assortment of O' My Soap products are NOW available at Hamilton Williams Gallery. If you have a favorite product and want to find out if we have it on hand, just give us a call and we can check our inventory for you. If it is currently out of stock, we will be more than happy to notify you as soon as it is back on our shelves.


Please note: Our O' My Soap products are available in the gallery only and not on our website. 



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